Natives Beach in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

It is certainly the beach most visited by tourists arriving in Trancoso, Bahia. The beach is also one of the closest square and easy access for those with their own vehicle, you can park near the beach and beach shacks.

The Native Beach begins on the edge of Trancoso River and extends to north side to the tip of the curve. This beach meets both those looking for more hectic as for those seeking a quiet place. Near to beach shacks there are two volleyball fields where they congregate more people.

Walking to the north side, there is more tranquility to have more residential and some very private hotels, as Estrela D'Agua, Villas de Trancoso and Tangara.

Natives Beach by TripAdvisor

Natives Beach by TripAdvisor

Rio Verde Beach and Coqueiros Beach in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

It is the closest beach Trancoso Historic Centre (Square). Before arriving at the beach, tourists are surprised by a wonderful wooden bridge over the mangrove, and you can see crabs, fish and other creatures that live there.

On the beach Coqueiros water is very quiet, with few waves and usually warmer than other beaches. At some points, you can see some very close corals, if the tide is lower. An important tip is not to walk barefoot in the coral, as cuts or hedgehogs spines of the sea, are usually as difficult to heal. If you are barefoot, observe them from a distance.

Coqueiros Beach, Magazine photo.

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Itaquena Beach in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

It is a treasure for those seeking true isolated and quiet beaches. Being difficult to access, Itaquena beach is not very popular with tourists, because there is no infrastructure in place. The beach is a forest reserve and frequented more by surfers, have bigger waves and even by people who practice "naturalism." But it is also the destination of many tours on quadricycles, the safest means of transport to reach because the road point to the beach, there is plenty of sand where common cars can get "bogged down" in the sand. This beach is there were about 8 kilometers from Square, so if you want to go walking, be prepared for a long walk.


Rio da Barra Beach in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

The beach of Barra Rio has unique scenes, since the mouth of the river is changing their course from time to time format. A mixture of mangrove vegetation, with small sand dunes, palm trees and cliffs, is one of the places you can not miss.

To get there by car, you must enter the Terravista condominium. Walk from the center of Trancoso, is approximately 5 kilometers undoubtedly a walk that is worth.