Tours in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil

Trancoso is surrounded by nature. Its rainforest forests and truly isolated beaches are attractions for tourists who love adventure. With so much diversity, you can perform various types of walking and playing sports such as biking, horseback riding, boat trips, diving, helicopter, Stand up, Kitesurfing, Windsurfing.
The most popular tour is the ATV tour, which you can visit some beaches inaccessible where cars do not arrive.

Tours from Trancoso to Caraíva:

- Departure from Trancoso at 08:00 and estimated arrival in Caraíva is 1h of travel (without stops).

- During the whole tour is a'ccompanied by a Tourist Guide that can speak in 4 languages: English / Spanish / Italian / Portuguese

- The Transportation is according to your choice and can be carried out by:

     - Automobile with Air Conditioning (up to 4 people);

     - Fiat Doblo with Air Conditioning (5 to 8 people);

     - Special Cars: Jeep 4x4, Range Rover, Duster, etc...;

     - Quadricycles;

- Visit to the Indigenous Villages of the region (optional);

- Boat trip to Caraíva;

- Departure from Caraíva at 16:00 and arrival in Trancoso at 17:00 (Local time)

* The value of the tours varies according to the number of people and the chosen of transport. *

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