The History of Trancoso  


According to the captain of sea and war Max Justo Guedes, from the Navy Documentation Service, was in Rio of the Friars in Trancoso, that Pedro Alvares Cabral's fleet arrived in 22 April 1500, taking possession of Brazil on behalf of Portugal.

The current village of Trancoso originates from a Jesuit village called St. John Baptist of the Indians, founded in 1586. The people remained nationally unknown until discovered in end of the 1970s by hippies. At the time, it was just a group of houses arranged around a large lawn (called "Square"), with a church in the background, where it had a panoramic view of the sea. Today, this space is St. John's Square, in the historic city center. From the 1990s, with the growth of tourism in the state and the construction of roads and airports, the tourism potential of the region has undergone rapid growth.




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   What to do in Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil?  

   Beaches in Trancoso  

Discover the most beautiful beaches in the South of Bahia!

It is possible to walk between Arraial D'Ajuda and Trancoso. For those going slowly, enjoying nature and taking photos are approximately 3 hours of walking.

It is a unique and paradisiacal landscape, through the isolated beaches on the edge of the cliffs, looking like a dream!

But pay attention, because this walk becomes difficult when the tide is high. Plan to go at low tide!

Leaving Arraial D'Ajuda to Trancoso (in south direction) you will pass:
- Mucugê Beach
- Parracho Beach
- Pitinga Beach
- Taípe Beach

Arriving at the resort "Club Med", there will be a passage in the cliffs. At low tide you can go through normally, but at high tide must climb the rocks to cross and can be a bit dangerous for those not used to. After this passage begins Trancoso beaches:

- Rio da Barra Beach
- Natives Beach
- Trancoso River
- Coqueiros Beach
- Rio Verde Beach
- Itapororoca Beach
- Itaquena Beach

After Trancoso still are other most popular beaches, continuing toward south, still in the municipality of Porto Seguro, but these are more distant then Arraial to Trancoso:

- Outeiro of Brisas Beach
- Mirror Beach
- Caraíva

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  Praça do Quadrado (Square Plaza)  




After spending the day at the beach, do not miss the opportunity to see the view from the lookout behind the church of the square. It is a must!


At night the restaurants that seem simple but sophisticated for cooking, are the main attraction of this peaceful place to relax and recharge the energies!



It is also where happen to most parties and events!



Tours, Sports and Adventures in Trancoso



The most isolated beaches in Trancoso are difficult to reach, but can be exploited by quadricycles that are rented in the village. Usually the tours are made with a guide.


There is also the practice of other sports, especially water sports like swimming, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and Stand Up. The quiet sea and wind currents constants are perfect for this.


   Parties and Events in Trancoso  



Trancoso is not one of the hottest destinations in Brazil, is highly sought by couples who want to relax and enjoy paradisiacal and romantic beaches.




But on New Year the city is fully with young tourists from all parts of the world and happen several parties. One of the most famous is the New Year's at Café de La Musique Trancoso. However, hotels and restaurants also offer incredible parties.